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Review of The Infinite Road by ragazzi-music.de  

Toyz „The Infinite Road“ (Self-published 2012)

Instrumental and metaphysical-transcedental but at the same time easily digestible without a degree in philosophy or theology. That is what you will find in the Dutch TOY(Z)-store, where the sound is anything but flat.

For that, Arjan van Gog (keyboards), Robert van Kooij (drums), Jeroen van Boldrik (bass guitar) and Peter van Heijningen (guitar) with their combined experience stand firm as it becomes immediately clear that we are dealing here with experienced musicians and composers who released their likewise very strong Debut album 'Remember' back in 1998, whose purchase is fully justified by the way.

Two guests support the efforts of this quartet in a congenial way: Ian Parry provides the narrative for the track 'Far Away' while Petra Bolt adds percussion to 'Thermal Winds'. This 60 minute lesson in sophisticated entertainment which at times mutates to a, in the best sense possible, melancholic sounding wellness orgy, offers a mix of Prog-Rock, hints of Metal as well as elements of Latin, Flamenco, Fusion and Country, paired with classical arpeggios which cannot be denied a certain potential of addictiveness.

Particularly striking is the meticulous balance between atmospheric/lyrical and energetic louder parts. Dream-Metal would be another term that could be used to categorize this sound, thereby opening yet another drawer in the musical 'type case'. Extremely interesting are the various odd time signatures, which only become apparent when one is all ears. That is just plain Zappa-class! These gentlemen know just exactly how to do it. A collaboration with a symphonic orchestra or various vocalists comes to mind with this exemplification of full-flavoured neoprogrammatical music. The road (of songs) goes on forever like a Möbius strip. Lemniscantate!!!1) 

1)Translator's note: Lemniscantate is a word play on Lemniscate, a word that is sometimes used to refer to the infinity symbol ∞ and 'Cantate' which basically means 'song').

Translation verified, approved and authorized by ragazzi-music.de